Love is Blind

I miss the way she looks at me.. with Unconditional Love in her eyes
I miss the way she floats to sea.. on her beauty and grace, the Flow of her life

The only thing worse than leaving Love behind
is knowing that someday it could have all been fine
But mistakes of ones Ego and hope for new life
Are all thats left of me, All thats left for me
because True Love is blind.

I miss the way we used to smile when we saw each other
It was always so easy when you know theyll be there tomarrow
I miss the way we could be so content
With the company of no one but our hearts in our chest

The only thing worse than leaving love behind
is knowing that present day, things would be right
Mistakes of ones Ego and hope for new life
Have been what created me, been what has created me
On this winding path of… mine

I miss the way we all used to have it made in the shade
I miss the way nothing could get in the way
Times have come and gone, its hard to hold on
Never let go, and always remember(always remember):
You hold the reigns! Not the contender!

The only thing better than knowing Love’s alright
is having this song to remind you of the time
When nothing was better, wandering with no Light
With nothing but only your own Grace and pace
Take your time, its everything but a race

Learn to Love yourself, Love your guitar
To Love who youve been, and Love who you are
Nothing can change what has happened present day,
So take it all with stride, come what ever may

Just Love life no matter what they have to say, and
True Love will be drawn to you, naturally.


The Big Picture

Bound at the ankles by the Flow of the Soul
It must be fate
Cause youd never wish this upon yourself
Every waking day is a reminder that we dont know who we are

With your ears open and your heart on your sleeve
Wishing and hoping for a better understanding
Hold your head up high, sister, cuz youre not alone
and the answers lie at the end of the path, on the stone

Overanalyzing this fucked up situation
The only way to stop the madness and confusion
is to defeat the illusion of separation
Of the mind and of the self you know and love

With your eyes open and your mind all in pieces
Wishing and hoping for your personal thesis
Hold your head up, brother, cuz youre never alone
and the answers lie at the end of the path you are on

We seem so small here, with no rhyme or reason
Walking down dirty streets and inside broken homes
Wondering when the clouds will part, and the sunshine will come
With its warm rays of light, maybe a comfort zone

With your hands in your pockets and your feet on the ground
Wishing and hoping for your wings to be found
Hold your heads up, my friends, theyve been there all along
and it all starts with the lyrics in this song


I’ve had the strength to question my views

So it’s safe to say we’ve all been in your shoes

Follow the signs, grasp the clues

Thy always seek the better news


A leaf on the ground is much like a soul

It’s fallen from the tree but it is still part of the whole

Never alone, never to be sold

To a world that may seem so cold


Living within your personal truth

Rather than seeing it from a distance

Is not as easy as living your youth

But the feelings it brings will dismiss this


All as One, One as all

For goals we all have in sight

Feeling the Sun, United as souls

A single living mind


Separation from our origins is but a mere illusion

When you stop a moment and come to these conclusions

They do not judge, they do not side, they only offer solutions

Living truths can be the face of spiritual and physical fusion


Love prevails when division is the sum

and fears will never cease to come,

But keep in Heart that we are One

It is where this message comes from


Bleak and dry

High and mighty

Wishful thinking

Fighting blindly



Hope at best

Love at worst

What a test

Broken words



Biggest goal

Smallest feelings

Open soul

Godless dealings



Unsettled scores

Unfinished business

On the floor

Openly hidden



Unread books

Unseen poems

Sundered looks

Never lower



High as the sky

Low as the dirt

My, oh my

Familiar hurt

In Deep

A million balls of stress

All land upon my chest

But it aint nothin like the rest

and I feel blessed to be given these tests

It’s such a mess

It makes me feel like I gotta question my ways

Even the way that I act

To people on certain days

Feels like I gotta hold back

This person within and I may

Think that people around might not appreciate that

Which I say.

Its so strange

How can I think, feel and Aspire to Be

When at the same time it’s these things that put weights on me

Making me see

The person I am becoming

Is nothing like the one that wants to be seen

It’s lessons like these that give hope for life that I’m livin

After that pride goes down with a cold, hard shiver

After all is said and what’s given is delivered

All I can offer is an apology to those I’ve been siftin

I’ve learned that your time is the best gift you could ever give them

I’m deep in it

But only to the knees

So you definitely know that I can still breathe

and I can still feel what’s needed

So with this closing statement – I heed

For you to not give up on me


Where is my mind?
Don’t tell me it’s fine.
I’m sick of all the trying.
Sick of the lying.

There’s no sense in hiding
This feeling of being left behind.
Never will I find
Understanding of this kind.

Feeling high
Is clearly not my reason
Or my rhyme
For being here at this time.

Simple things are all I ask for.
My heartfelt words
Are on the floor,
And my Love is out the door.

Flame Nebula

‘O Nebula, high up past the sky
I Look up and I recognize
Your life is not much different than mine

You sit and stew in silent Grandeur
As distant onlookers marvel at your future
Wondering when your true colors will be seen

Ever bright, ever Vibrant
In a Universe just the same
Second Sight is never silent
To me you will pass the Flame

Poetry by Jake Weigel